Milano Unica Review

Milano Unica becomes always more a very awaited event for all men and women fashion actors of the world. On paper it is the Italian Textile and Accessories Salon but it reveal itself a mere guide which the whole fashion world refers to. The salon is organized in order to provide trends of next two future seasons, indeed the event, ended the last 3 February at Fiera Milano RHO, is being set up in 2016 on the base of trends forecasted for Spring/Summer 2018 season. This long process is fundamental in order to allow the whole fashion industry operating to make all new collections available in shops at the beginning of each season.

To understand why a two years process is need, there is a brief resume:

A brand preparing his collection has to forecast trends and create prototypes. Once they have been validated, the firm presents the collection to malls and retailers buyers who will make orders; that will allow brands to launch productions and product delivery on time.

The big news of this XXIV edition is the launch of MU65 an online interactive platform reserved to selected clients who will be the opportunity to contact directly any exhibitor of the Salon sorting them by targeted research criteria. Milano Unica Chairman Ercole Botto Paola commented: “This platform can create one-to-one contacts with exhibitors on a daily basis, at any time, from any time zone. This represents a great opportunity for businesses to learn how to promote themselves efficiently and in a multifunctional way, by using this platform in collaboration with Sundar. This is an asset that Milano Unica offers to the industry to enable a multichannel opening, while increasing the efficiency of traditional commercial channels”.

During the two days of my personal experience at the Salon I could notice a tendency for shades of greens and yellows concerning summer casual clothing fabrics. What which really caught my attention has been when I visited all stands of suit and shirt fabric makers; in fact, colours don’t tend to clear tones like usual in summer. Instead the attention has been focused on lighter yarns wearable when the weather is very hot.

Next event is preview to from 11 to 12 July for Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 collections.


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