Pitti Uomo 91: Final review

Article available also in French and Italian

Clouds as far as the eye can see, my thoughts lost in space and my head against the plan window, then I have seen it: the dome of Santa Maria Novella Cathedral emerging from a very dense fog like an iceberg in the sea.

By this way my Florentine experience has started. I was already very excited about participating at Pitti Uomo 91, but starting with such a spectacle made everything really amazing.

Walking through the streets of Florence I remembered about high school, Dante, Boccaccio and about how many times I had read about the magnificence of this illustrious city.

Narrows streets, rock paving, historical buildings, everything in that city seems to bring you in another time; so you end up walking beside to Lorenzo the Magnificent and Savonarola which as two excellent touristic guides show you up all beauties of the city which has been the cradle of Rinascimento.


Naturally Pitti Uomo is an event that fulfil the entire town, so the typical fashion lifestyle music teleports you back in two thousand seventeen during the 91st edition of most famous and important event of men fashion and elegance.

In a very well finished outfit and with my new grey fedora hat I was walking surely to the Fortezza da Basso and having some glances to other probable participants at events, and I understood that I was also a target of other pedestrians. I was clearly getting there. J

Finally I arrived, the fortress was majestic on the place where a coming and going of curious people, models and photographers coming from everywhere which was offering a unique show.

Once there I understood that Pitti Uomo could be interpreted according to different way. In fact, basically, Pitti is an event organized in order to allow exhibitors meeting new potential clients and this is what you should mainly see in all pavilions of the event.


Otherwise this is not the main aspect which interest medias, what has a really great importance to all people who don’t come to Pitti is what happens on the main square.

It’s there where the show comes alive thanks to a multitude of different styles and colours, which mix among them and share the same scene.


Models, Brand Ambassadors, Bloggers and other actors of men fashion and elegance world dress up with their best outfits chic or dandier trying to attire photographer’s objectives who will get the best images for worldwide medias.

For my first time at Fortezza da Basso I just wanted to be a simple spectator and documenter of the event, but finally I decided to play the game with others; so I decided to dress up with my newest outfit and I spent some time with photographers on the square.

It has been very funny knowing people more or less famous of this fascinating world; it was like I came back during my Erasmus when everyone used to speak a different language but everybody has been trying to make themselves understand to create new relationships and even friendships.

In my case it happens particularly with two people who I have often followed during their work: Fabio Attanasio and Danilo Carnevale. The most famous Italian blogger and one of most famous Italian brand ambassadors has revealed themselves as two very nice and available people.

Therefore to make a final balance of these extraordinary days, I can say that the participation to this event revealed itself a great idea since I could learn a great number of thing about this event and I could meet very nice peoples who I would have the pleasure to meet again in june.

I can just say thanks Firenze and thanks Pitti Immagine!

Bespoking you soon 



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