Tradition and new tendencies: the bespoke of Sartoria Caracciolo

Article available also in Italian and French

My first Bespoke experience has begun very well with Nicola and Alessandro, two Neapolitan cousins who have founded Sartoria Caracciolo five years ago. Based on traditional Neapolitan art values, the sartoria gets its name from the famous promenade in Naples, where their grand-father used to own the old Sartoria Caracciolo from 1930.

With their twenty years of experience Nicola and Alessandro wanted to build a Maison with a young identity following the more modern tendencies by respecting the ancient savoir-faire and the handmade work.



The Sartoria Caracciolo identity is rooted in the culture of the true bespoke suit, indeed when all client’s measures have been taken, the cutter will create a pattern on paper that will be used exclusively for that client orders.


Uniques patterns!


Many “tailors” pretend to realize bespoke suits when they only do made-to-measure by adapting an existing pattern to your measures.

Being impressed by such a competence and passion in what they do, I let them enchant me that’s why I decided to order a double-breasted dark blue suit which I will wear during the next Pitti Uomo Inverno.

The measurement step has been a very pleasant moment such as the discussion about the suit project, which has been enriching under all points of view; Alessandro knows how to make you feel easy, listening to your needs and suggesting best choices for some particulars features.

I cannot wait to be at the first fitting, after that I could be able to better explain all details about their work.


Measurement process



With Alessandro Caracciolo

Waiting for that I give you a little insight of my meeting with Alessandro.

Bespoking you soon,



Sartoria Caracciolo

Str. Consortile, Area Sviluppo Industriale TEVEROLA


+39 081 5047926


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