How do you determine a suit fair price?

Article also available in Italian and in French


If someone would have asked me that question five years ago, I would have replied like most of men who buying a suit and paying attention only to one thing: the brand and how the suit looks.

As you can easily imagine, I find it really disappointing today.

At that time, I was buying my clothes just because I needed them and absolutely not for the pleasure to be well dressed, like I currently do.

During this last five years I completely changed my “shopping” behaviour, if in precedence my first question was “how much does it cost?” today it’s the last one.

This absolutely remains a fundamental question, given my limited budget, but my approach is completely different.

Nowadays, in fact, knowing if a product worth the proposed price is what I really care about. That way I conduct a sort of product analysis of the garment I like.

This analysis is made up by a four questions process, which I ask to myself any time I’m in front of a suit or a coat attiring my attention:

  • Is it a good quality product?
  • Are finishing and details well done?
  • In which Country has it been produced?
  • Has it been produced in a workshop or in a factory?

It’s only after getting these answers that I care about the price.

It’s becoming more and more fundamental to be able to discern a product which worth to be bought or not, because today offer is quite huge.

It’s evident that the existence of numerous actors in the market boosts competition and allows consumers to get lower prices and better product quality (or not).

On the other hand, the inconvenient of this new phenomenon (which has known a great development in the last few years) is that consumers are lost among such a huge market.

How can we choose among all these brands proposing made-to-measure suits at different prices? How can we understand how a brand can propose à MTM half canvased suit between 400€ and 600€ while another brand propose it between 1000€ and 1500€? Which are the reasons, which justify such a price gap?

Giving an answer to these questions will be the object of next four articles. Each of them will deal with the questions of my product analysis to deeply tackle all subjects to considerate in order to be able to understand and determine a suit fair price.


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