Bir Hakeim

Article also available in Italian and in French 

Maybe it has been that wonderful sunny day or simpler that I felt just good, it is a fact that I wanted to experiment something new.

I looked for new arriving in my wardrobe and I tried to find the right combination, which could inspire me. I wanted to be elegant and casual at the same time, I have chosen a combination of accessories, which could help me.

That wasn’t easy at all, moreover when I decided to wear a grey double-breasted suit, I really didn’t know how to make more casual. I didn’t want to wear a “spezzato”, so I have chosen to opt for my clips braces and no-socks loafers (I felt like “alone”, it’s not that easy to see someone with this outfit in Paris) but I liked it and I wore it.

I immediately appreciated it in the mirror, but I needed something more. I found what I needed by knotting my tie. I thought that leaving it longer than normal (at the level of the belt). Great choice! I was the final touch to get the result I looked for.

Obviously the great setting given by Bir Hakeim bridge in Paris was the perfect one for a shooting with this outfit.

Here there are some photos!

What do you think about that? Would you have chosen another combination?

Bespoking you soon,



2 thoughts on “Bir Hakeim

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  2. Pingback: Bir Hakeim – Giu's Bespoke Journal

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