A great hope

Article also available in Italian ↓ and in French ↓

Many time my grandmother told about when her father needed to buy another suit. She used to remind me that her family had very modest origins and that her father could buy just one suit per year. So with a melancholy smile kept to tell everybody started to act as their were organizing a house party: home was deeply cleaned, they prepared the best coffee and they even bought confectionery. All this was done to receive a special person, an artist: the tailor.

Yes, the tailor, the only one able to create an actual bespoke suit completely handmade with passion and care for details. The one able to transform a piece of fabric in a masterpiece to wear, which could be copied but it will always remain unique.

Nowadays this figure become more and more rare because of industrialization and globalization. These facts according to consumerism has made possible to produce everything less expensive, reducing production time, preferring assembly line and selecting less expensive raw materials, so scarifying quality.

To became a tailor wasn’t a childhood dream, to be honest this job wasn’t even in my top ten list two years ago. It’s been something I chose because of my insane passion for the know-how which allows to create these unique masterpieces to wear.

Follow me during this journey and discover with what really means to produce a suit.

IMG_7168.jpgThis journal has a great hope: to give you all information and the necessary sensibility to understand that a real bespoke suit is not just a suit.

Bespoking you soon,




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